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Walk into any home built in the first half of the 20th century, and typically, you would find a series of connected rooms. For example, you might walk through a series of bedrooms to reach another part of the house. Homes in that era were typically built to serve the simple need for shelter. The thought of entertaining in the home, for the most part, didn't exist. In the late 1920s C. C. Rouse began to change the role of a typical house, in Houston, from shelter to a place for splendid entertainment.

As the company grew, Rouse took in his son-in-law, Tynes Sparks, to learn the business. Sparks joined the firm in 1948 and then took the helm in 1966 when Mr. Rouse retired. Sparks soon moved away from the building of spec homes and into doing contract/custom homes. Over the years the firm has steadily built a reputation for building large elegant homes of splendor, often for some of Houston's more prominent citizens. The firm has also built out condominiums in some of the city's prestigious residential high-rises, which can be every bit as involved as building homes from the ground up.

The homes originally built by the Rouse Company are still very much a part of Tynes Sparks Building Company today. When it comes time for the owners of the original Rouse homes to add on, remodel or upgrade electronics, they find it comforting to be able to call upon the expertise of the original building company. in addition to many others, the firm has restored two of the finest homes built in Houston: the Hugh Roy Cullen Mansion on River Oaks Boulevard and the fabulous Neal Chateaux on Lazy Lane. Not only did the firm artfully restore the Cullen Mansion to its original splendor, the size of the original structure was doubled. Both beautiful homes were originally designed by Houston's famous architect, John Staub.


The Tynes Sparks Building Company is proud of its heritage as a third generation builder. For nearly a century now the firm has wowed its clientele and their guests with stunning accomplishments. As the company continues its destiny of building today's ultimate homes and tomorrow's landmarks, the firm remains ever true to its legacy of building elegant perfection.

It was near the end of the country's Great Depression when nothing was booming anywhere, with the exception of oil in Houston. The newly rich oilmen loved to entertain. Country clubs were booked solid with parties because they could accomodate large groups. Rouse was operating Rouse Lumber & Building Company on Montrose Street (now part of downtown Houston) at the time and thought he had the genesis of a great idea. He was so confident in his idea that he began building large spec homes capable of hosting the parties that had been traditionally held at the country clubs. His idea caught on and by the 1930s Rouse was heavily involved in building up the impressive neighborhood of River Oaks. Floor plans were designed so that 100 people at a time could gather and circulate in the home with ease. Back then, a 12,000 sq.ft. home was considered huge. Bedrooms were separated from the main living areas for privacy, kitchens were built to handle the preparation of major social events and living rooms featured palatial detailing.

Continuing the tradition, Tynes Sparks Building Company is now led by Tynes Sparks' son-in-law, Mike Cannon, who joined the company in 1981. Historically, the company focused its work exclusively in the Houston area. Under Cannon's leadership, the firm is extending its geographical reach throughout the State of Texas and is providing an ever expanding range of services.

Teamwork is the cornerstone of any fine builder.  Combining the visionary talents of prominent architects with the finest of craftsmanship resulting in memorable one-of-a-kind homes requires great leadership and attention to detail.  Whether building large or small, excellence is the one word that defines Tynes Sparks Building Company.  As the second generation master builder himself once said, "Any perfect job is acceptable".